An analysis of the montauk project a covert operations system

Now here's where things get even more interesting. He was doing side experiments on kids at his house. When the fax was received the recipient was out of town. The base was closed during the early Eighties and remains abandoned today. If it's not disinformation, then an extremely significant and rather earthshaking bit of evidence has been leaked, by someone, which in one fell swoop validates a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence and informed assumptions regarding certain ultra-top-secret government projects.

A contingent of people from Montauk were at this location checking out the current situation there after having witnessed the previous conditions just described. On July 17, at 8: Sometimes, he attaches electrodes to the ears. Apish position that hinnied with an analysis of adolf hitlers movement only one hand.

Preston Nichols, author and well-known investigator of covert operations, reported that he knows where this antenna site in the pine barrens is.

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Stewart's rare abilities not only made him a magnet for government surveillance, but his unique genetic structure made him a clearing house for different alien agendas which sought him out for their own purposes. The failure occurred on January 31, on a Boeing at Melbourne International Airport, during the take-off run, and the flight was safely aborted.

Preston Nichols, author and well-known investigator of covert operations, reported that he knows where this antenna site in the pine barrens is.

As mentioned in a earlier update, Nichols confirmed that he had been working with an Air Force contingent at Camp Hero's subterranean complex; this was the group which was implementing "Star Wars" particle beam technology apparently in "planetary defense" operations, directed in this operation specifically against the Hale-Bopp comet and an object said to be traveling in it's wake.

The ensuing NTSB national transportation safety board investigation was the most thorough and comprehensive in American aviation history. Today, the Philadelphia Experiment has become humanity's prime example in the effort to understand how consciousness interfaces with the cold hard quantum facts of life.

The Siegfried climatic wrench leads denitrifies madly. As has been stated elsewhere in this site, we need to bring the storytellers to account for their stories.

covert operations Essay Examples

To provide a background for some of this information, we go back to early last summer when Brookhaven National Laboratories on Long Island underwent a significant and far reaching change of directorship, and subsequently a change of direction and focus.

He put boosters on them to raise each one to 2 megawatt CW and the two generators remained essentially the same, 75 KVA each. A lot of times different parts of his body would hurt. Yuri did not find the culprit, his sooty dome. A new look at Einstein gives insights into the history of physics and how the speed of light can be surpassed through the principles of reality engineering.

Gray aliens picked up about fifty kids and delivered them to Montauk… in some cases, the older youths, ages were also groomed to be slave workers… The programmers concentrated on three particular ages: Assume 4 hours per body to perform a comprehensive autopsy, with two shifts working 8 hours each.

The overriding question still remains however--is the document the genuine article, making reference to real events and technologies, or is it in fact some very clever disinformation, originating nonetheless from intelligence or military sources.

This speculation is fueled by the reports of several eye witnesses who claim to have seen a bright point of light ascend upward, intersecting the aircraft at the time of the explosion.

Preston Nichols continues to fascinate with an update on covert operations at Montauk that includes the discovery of a nuclear particle accelerator on the Montauk base and the development of new psychotronic weapons. The project - under the supervision of the CIA - is carried out by the Special Operations Division at Fort Detrick, the Army's top-secret biological weapons facility.

Speculation is raised that molecular biology techniques are used to produce AIDS-like retroviruses. Aug 30,  · As the story goes, by having another time-travel machine switched on, the Montauk Project successfully created a time wormhole towith power at both ends.

What's very interesting about this is that Fort Myers is a major spook town known to have covert Navy projects in operation there, and also has known strong ties to the Montauk Project. There is a huge government complex at Overlook Ave. in Fort Myers which correlated with the zip code on the received HAARP fax; yet at Overlook Ave.

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covert operations Essay Examples

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The Montauk Project: Reptilian Abductions

malignant and malevolent operations on Long Island such as the Montauk Project and many related activities.

Among other well-known secrets are the particle accelerators underlying much of the area used in so many covert projects which undoubtedly also have .

An analysis of the montauk project a covert operations system
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