The curse by lee su ann essay

Azreen runs inside to try to save the Old Lady who is trapped under a pillar. She shows resilience and she always fight for what she believes in.

She has suppressed her emotions and has to endure the fights she and her husband have been having lately over trivial matters. I have to finish it first before I force them to read it word by word. Subsequently, she befriends The Old Lady and makes her, her precious confidante and counsellor.

Madhuri, in her last letter to Azreen has told her sister that Puan Fatihah is such a kind and understanding lady whom she looks up to as an elder sister. They are so prejudiced that they cannot see her kindness and good heart.

In the end, she only feels pity for him. Firstly, this is an unforgettable event because it makes me sympathise Puan Fatihah. I kept playing with my phone without glancing elsewhere so that I not thought about the scary thing. But if he was innocent, he would not feel thankful to her. However, what goes around comes around.

The final clue was that her father kills Madhuri upon discovering about their affair and plans to elope. Most of the residents lived in the centre of the village and the houses were near each other while some especially with secrets, lived far in the jungle.

I can understand her pain of insecurity as she looks at the mirror each day and sees her aging face. She shows patience and eventually forgiveness for father who treated her unfairly.

In this novel there are a few strong characters. The lack of spirit of neighbourliness was obvious from the way the community treated the Old Lady who lived in the forest. The plot of the story grabs my attention from the very beginning.

As long as she kept her distance, they left her alone. Azreen noticed the womenfolks talking suspiciously of what had happened. The womenfolks especially were afraid and kept insisting they were cursed. But was that appropriate.

Puan Fatihah has tried to be strong and put up a great pretence of liking the second wife, Madhuri. Using the details from the novels above that you have studied: In conclusion, based on the above reasons and evident, I find that Puan Normala is the one and only character that can influence the others in the negative way.

Most of the villagers, who fail to think rationally, are easily influenced by her tales which causes a negative impact on the village. Mohan and his sons, threatening Asraf. Difficultly, I dragged my frozen and stoned body back to my bedroom in the dark house.

“The Curse” by Lee Su Ann Essay

The following are the novels studied on the literature component in English Language. The novel The Curse is about Azreen who returned home from studies in London to mourn the loss of her sister whose death was shrouded in mystery.

A friend in need is a friend indeed but not in this situation. But was that appropriate. Based on the above reasoning, I find that making a decision to help someone in need is a right move but saving someone who may be in wrong or guilty is not a good decision.

This is a clear evident that shows how influent she can be in a negative way. Probably she thought this could put her in a good light with Mohd Asraf.

‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann Essay

This was a pity. What is so ironic is that she has thrown away the first charm which is a small piece of paper with written incantation into the river. Thus just as it is important not to spread rumours that can harm others, we should not listen and be influenced by vicious gossip and superstition.

However I find that Azreen is an admirable character who touches my heart. Soon, my phone ran out battery, it shut off automatically without warning, indicating my only source of sanity was gone.

He cannot think clearly and gives in to his uncontrolled feelings of sadness and rage. The novel I have studied is ‘The Curse’ by Lee Su Ann.

The novel is about the main character, Azreen, who returns from England after she finds out about her sister’s death. Upon her return, she is surrounded by many secrets. She discovers the circumstances of Madhuri’s death later in the story. Mar 25,  · SAMPLE ENGLISH ESSAY (HORROR STORY) The wind was gentle but chilly at first.

Out of the blue, the bright flashes of lightning lit up the dark night sky, immediately followed by the roar of thunder. It’s raining cats and dogs. I would praise Lee Su Ann's efforts in depicting what seems to be a typical malay drama.

But that's just it, a typical malay drama. Was sorely disappointed by the lack of depth in themes, and the 2 dimensional characters. Rushed and unimpressionable ending, kind of predictable. Couldnt imagine what the class would discuss about/5.

Sep 24,  · The novel that I have chosen is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. In this novel there are a few strong characters. Among these characters, the character that I think has strongly influenced the others in a negative way is Puan Normala.

Sep 23,  · The Curse by Lee Su Ann Choose any one of the novels above and answer the question below. Using the details from the. 4 Synopsis THE CURSE NOVEL About the novel In “The Curse” by Lee Su Ann, Azreen takes time off from her studies in London, UK, to return to her village in one of the legendary islands of Langkawi.

The curse by lee su ann essay
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