The horrors of female genitalia mutilation

FGM is illegal in the US since punishable by law upto 5 years in prison. Would childbirth have been different. Luke Lutheran in Lansing, Michigan.

Alternative to Genital Mutilation Emerges for Kenya's Maasai Girls

Just the thought of this subject makes me cringe, to add insult to injury this is done at an extremely early age. Has she been missing out on a deeper level of intimacy with her husband of 40 years.

The rationale that the procedure is unnecessary and constitutes discrimination against women is most interesting in an era of unopposed designer vagina surgery.

The majority of female genital mutilations occur between years of age: The notion that Western women should be "educated" while women from other cultural traditions should be forced into compliance is racist and paternalistic.

But as several advocates told CNN, the most important conversations may be happening in homes and places of worship, as survivors share their stories and work to end FGM. Mothers in headscarves and bright lipstick chat and eat coconut cakes. The procedure, in which genital organs are altered or injured for non-medical reasons to suppress sexuality, long has been deemed a human rights violation.

I was told by my parents to leave school, as I was now ready to own a home. The room filled up with noise and people.

Female genital mutilation

As the issue has gained attention, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the FBI opened national tip lines where anyone can report their experience or suspicions.

But Yentriyani says that most doctors are trained only in male circumcision, so they follow the same principle of slicing off flesh.

She said she was happy her newly cut daughter Rima would now grow up into "a good Muslim girl". It is an ancient cultural practice that existed before Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The majority of children Women across the world are torturing other women to accommodate and appease an ideology and disorted history of male supremacy.

It happens here All religions say God created human beings in the best forms and wanted them to keep the nature in which they were created. The girls who receive this are never informed, or mislead on the procedure. Not only is it detrimental to the health of the person but also a traumatic experience with physiological consequences.

Spaghetti alla puttanesca is a famously southern Italian dish, popular from Naples to Sicily.

The Horrors of Female Genital Mutilation (Female Castration)

She explained that they clean the genitals and then use sterilised scissors to cut off part of the hood, or prepuce, and the tip of the clitoris.

Suminah is in severe pain. One girl told the FBI their mothers took them to the clinic because "our tummies hurt" and a doctor would "get the germs out. Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar, who managed the office in Livonia, Michigan, court records show.

What is a proper response to female genital alteration. It's practiced at all educational levels and social classes and among people of many faithsincluding Muslims and Christians, though no religious text calls for it. Aron's scars aren't as severe as those borne by many of the million women and girls around the globe -- nearly a quarter of them younger than 15 -- who have undergone the practice, dubbed FGM or, to some survivors who dislike that phrase, female ritual cutting.

In the US, it is common for families to travel abroad to have the FGA conducted in their countries of origin, and in many cases the procedure is done by traditional circumcisers without medical qualifications.

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Female genital mutilation: A horror our children don't need lessons on

With this ritual comes high risks for hemorrhaging, infections, and long term difficulties with not only intercourse but childbirth as well.

The physicians could face life in prison if convicted. May 11,  · The first federal prosecution of female genital mutilation has women in the US sharing own stories.

The day I saw 248 girls suffering genital mutilation

The Horrors of Female Genital Mutilation (Female Castration) page: 1. 3. log in. join. share: Tentickles. There's nothing regarding female genital circumcision or mutilation in the Quran whatsoever. You can read here about the rulings of Islamic clerics on this issue, who consider it banned.

A survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) has revealed her terrifying ordeal after she was forced to undergo the procedure without anesthetic when she was just years-old. Female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female genital cutting and female circumcision, is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia.

The practice is found in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and within communities from countries in which FGM is Africa, Asia, Middle East, and within communities from these areas. Female genital mutilation is a huge problem throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Today, at least million women and girls have suffered genital mutilation in 30 countries across the world. The Abolition of Female Genital Mutilation The abolition of female genital mutilation has become a worldwide human rights cause By Borgna Brunner Inwhen a year-old girl from Togo sought asylum in the United States to escape genital mutilation, few Americans understood the brutal nature of this ancient and widespread African.

The horrors of female genitalia mutilation
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Kenyan teen reveals how she was forced to undergo female genital mutilation | Daily Mail Online