Which of the following is necessary for writing a straight news story

The only difference is that you have to condense the information presented. In other words, you actually get to make up information.

Why did the event take place. Vary the pitch and volume of your voice to get variety, emphasis, and attention. In this respect, they are quite unlike other forms of written English, such as novels and short stories, committee reports, letters and theses.

Ricky Telg 2 This publication on news writing television and radio is the fourth of a five-part series on news media writing. The background information about how it happened, and why it happened, are filled in later in the story. The only difference is that you have to condense the information presented.

Long sentences make it difficult for the person voicing the script to take a breath. Listen to the final product.

Assume that after reading the article you determine that you must contact the original sources, or new ones, for additional information.

Lead in Style – Different Types of Leads

The Opposition Leader, Mr Tony Abbott, said people should not be alarmed by the threat of "global warming". Who is the story about. Write the way you talk. These are straight leads that just state the facts and include the who, where, what, when, why and sometimes even the how of the event or happening.

Use numerals for 12 through So fewer people are willing to adopt a big dog. They are given as figures. First, you must determine what areas of information are needed and, second, add specific information and details needed to write a complete article for the high school newspaper The Highlight.

But change the rate occasionally to avoid sounding monotonous. Visit the EDIS website at http: When did the event take place. Of the 27 percent fortunate enough to find new homes, fewer and fewer are large dogs.

We do not always talk in long sentences. When you have a quote within a quote, use a single inverted comma for the inside quotation. Avoid partial or incomplete quotes unless they are necessary. If you now want to discover how to correctly attribute quotes, follow this link to the second section, Chapter 9: Each sentence should be brief and contain only one idea.

It is often used to suggest disbelief or actual disagreement with the words as they are being used. The flames quickly spread through the entire house. A straight news headline is written for a straight news story and a feature headline for a feature story.

If the story is a colorful account of some event or trip, the headline should be colorful. If the story is a romantic or dramatic account of an event, the headline should follow form.

Writing scripts and news stories also means understanding that you need to get straight to the point! There's no point in having an amazing news story but leaving the most important fact to the last sentence! American Politics Test 3. STUDY. those journalists who confine their role to getting the facts of the story straight and moving the story out to the public quickly.

Investigators. the process through which the media emphasize particular aspects of a news story, thereby influencing the. Get straight to the point and present your reader with cold, hard facts.

It is necessary for you to provide facts and figures that relate to your news. These facts should promote the bottom line.

You will make your writing more effective if you obey the following rules. Never start a news story with a quote The most important reason for not starting a story with a quote is that a quote itself seldom shows the news value of your story.

Notice how the following sentence becomes more simple sentences: Sentence: Following Paragraphs The most general guideline for writing paragraphs is that they should be kept reasonably short. Outline the various parts of the straight news story.

Which of the following is necessary for writing a straight news story
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Chapter 3: The shape of the news story