Write an inequality for the graph weegy questions

Solution We first solve for y in terms of x by adding -2x to each member. If the equation of a straight line is in the slope-intercept form, it is possible to sketch its graph without making a table of values.

Second we know that if we add the same or equal quantities to both sides of an equation, the results are still equal.

There are many types of graphs, such as bar graphs, circular graphs, line graphs, and so on.


Since 3,2 checks in both equations, it is the solution to the system. Function notation f x is used to name an algebraic expression in x. When x in the symbol f x is replaced by a particular value, the symbol represents the value of the expression for that value of x. Associate the slope of a line with its steepness.

Of course, we could also start by choosing values for y and then find the corresponding values for x. Not all pairs of equations will give a unique solution, as in this example. Draw a straight line through those points that represent the graph of this equation. Observe that when two lines have the same slope, they are parallel.


The arrows indicate the number lines extend indefinitely. What seems to be the relationship between the coefficient of x and the steepness Which graph would be steeper: This is in fact the case.

It is often convenient to use a special notation to distinguish between the rectan- gular coordinates of two different points. Solve for the remaining unknown and substitute this value into one of the equations to find the other unknown. To solve a system of two linear equations by graphing, graph the equations carefully on the same coordinate system.

Thus the plane extends indefinitely in all directions. Our choice can be based on obtaining the simplest expression. Given an ordered pair, locate that point on the Cartesian coordinate system.

Example 2 Sketch the graph of 3x - 2y - 7. Solution Placing the equation in slope-intercept form, we obtain Sketch the graph of the line on the grid below. Solution First make a table of values and decide on three numbers to substitute for x.

You can then expect that all problems given in this chapter will have unique solutions. Not all pairs of equations will give a unique solution, as in this example. Since we have already solved the second equation for x in terms of y, we may use it.

Graphing Linear Inequalities

Note that it is very important to say what x and y represent. In this example we will allow x to take on the values -3, -2, -1,0, 1,2,3. Again, use either a table of values or the slope-intercept form of the equation to graph the lines.

A linear equation graphs a straight line. We can do this since the choices for x were arbitrary. The intersection of the two solution sets is that region of the plane in which the two screens intersect.

Weegy: B. x User: What are the solutions of the compound inequality? Graph the solutions. –2 Weegy: The = 7x + 28 + 42y User: Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with the given slope Graph the inequality.

y Weegy: y = 3x - 5 is equation of straight line. To draw line, two points are required. Fit an algebraic two-variable inequality to its appropriate graph. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website.

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Jan 28,  · Then graph the inequality. To ride an amusement park ride, you must be 48 inches tall or taller.

QUESTION #3 Write an inequality to represent the situation. Then graph the inequality. A restaurant can hold at most 40 people. QUESTION #4 Write an inequality to represent the situation. Then graph the douglasishere.com: Resolved. Write and Graph Linear Inequalities Concept Writing & Graphing Inequalities Pre Score 5 = Level 4 DEADLINE: (C) Level 2 Complete this task in BuzzMath Write up the questions you got wrong and hand it in.

All work and steps must be shown. Choose the option for Step 2 that. Writing about Inequalities. STUDY. It sells more than tickets each day. What inequality can you write to show the ticket sales, t? How would you graph the solutions of the inequality?

Sample Response: The inequality could be t > Draw a number line so it includes Graph the inequality and check the solution. Waseme swam .

Write an inequality for the graph weegy questions
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What are the solutions of the inequality? Check the solutions. 4x + 6 –3 B. x –6